Ongoing projects, planned initiatives, innovative ideas… and more!

We like when things are happening! That’s why a number of projects are in the pipeline at the same time as successful investments are ready to fly. In parallel with all this, we also have a bunch of ideas just waiting to be realized.

We hope that you will be inspired to choose Explore Skavsta as the place to turn your ideas into a successful reality. Or why not challenge us to match your needs? 

Our projects

Visionsbild över Skavstaområdet från arkitekttävlingen Europan 17 - tävlingsbidraget kallas Forest City

Future Skavsta - architectural competition

Together with Nyköping Municipality and Region Sörmland we participated in Europan 17, an architectural and urban ideas competition. Seven contributions were nominated and the winner is "Skavsta Forest City". See all contributions and the winner here.

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Visionsbild över Ostlänken, stationsläget och flygplatsen

East Link - with travel hub at Skavsta

The East Link is a new doubletrack railway between Järna and Linköping built by the Swedish Transport Administration. With a travel hub at Skavsta it will be easy to change between trains, planes and buses.

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