About Explore Skavsta – Space to think big. And new.

Explore Skavsta is a unique, expansive area with room to think big. And new. Here there are flexible surfaces that allow ideas to take place and shape, today and over time. The area is strategically located on the Mälardalen coastline. With proximity to Stockholm, the E4, the Baltic's deepest port and Stockholm Skavsta Airport, the whole world is within reach. Discover, develop and explore Explore Skavsta with us!

Millions of square meters of possibilities

Explore Skavsta is the obvious place for forward-looking companies and businesses. Here there are flexible surfaces that allow ideas to take place and shape, today and over time and in contexts where people and collaborations are in focus. The area is 4.84 million square meters. It is as big as 13 Gamla stan in Stockholm. Here there are square meters to rent, vacant premises to discover and available areas to manage. Fully developed, there are more than 10,000 jobs here.

With 7 minutes to Nyköping, 20 minutes to the port of Oxelösund, 60 minutes to Stockholm and with the international airport Stockholm Skavsta Airport in the area, Explore Skavsta is close to both Sweden and the world.

Space to think big. And new.

Great opportunities on a large surface or small ideas that have room to grow. Explore Skavsta is an area for businesses that want to be involved in shaping their future. There is room here for businesses and people who see the value in investing and creating value in a growth area. With opportunities both here and now and in the future Explore Skavsta is an accelerator for ideas and businesses that need space to think big. And new.

The start of something new

First in the area, 600,000 square meters of land that will grow and become a collective place for businesses. The area is planned in detail - as an entrepreneur, you can be involved from the start with great opportunities to influence. If you are looking for a new location for your business, contact us today!

Unexploited land - a good basis for comprehensive investment

Large parts of the land are unexploited. We are developing the area together with the municipality of Nyköping, which has drawn up a planning program for the area.

Explore Skavsta - a part of Arlandastad Group

In 2022, Arlandastad Group acquired the 4.84 million square meters of land in Skavsta, which included Stockholm Skavsta Airport

Explore Skavsta is owned and managed by Arlandastad Group, a property development company with the power to realize visions. Through our ability to see and exploit the potential in large strategically located areas, we create value that grows for our investors and for society at large.

Arlandastad Group also owns 2.9 million square meters of land in Explore Arlandastad. Read more about the activities in Explore Arlandastad.

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