Sustainability – Entrusted with the future, building for the future

We have been entrusted with developing a greenfield site, and with that comes great responsibility. In our sustainability strategy we have committed to systematic, constant improvements and an ever-closer collaboration with our partners and the businesses that establish themselves in Explore Skavsta. 

Explore Skavsta is owned by Arlandastad Group which property company that identifies strategic areas of land and develops property. The world today faces the towering challenge of climate change. As a property developer, it is Arlandastad Group’s ambition to be in the vanguard of environmental responsibility. Our holistic approach to long-term ownership and land management for sustainable urban development is evident at Explore Skavsta. We are building for a sustainable future. 

Priorities and goals 

The sustainability work is based on the Brundtland Report (1987), where sustainability is defined from three perspectives: ecological sustainability, social sustainability, and economic sustainability. Furthermore, the sustainability work is based on the UN's 17 global goals, where Arlandastad Group has chosen to give special priority to four areas - Gender equality, Sustainable energy for all, Decent working conditions and economic growth, and Sustainable cities and communities. In all our work, we focus on safety and reduced climate impact.

Arlandastad Group is a community builder with a clear commitment to create a sustainable future. We want to contribute to making the world a better place - economically, socially and environmentally.

Jordglob på grön bakgrund


Arlandastad Group strives to always think sustainably and long-term, in all situations and contexts.

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