Future Skavsta - architectural competition

Together with Nyköping Municipality and Region Sörmland we participated in Europan 17, an architectural and urban ideas competition. Seven contributions were nominated and the winner is "Skavsta Forest City".

Europan is directed at young professionals in architectural and urban design under 40 years of age and with a European degree or working in Europe. This year the theme of the competition is ”Living Cities – Reimagining architecture by caring for inhabited milieus”.

The competition area in Skavsta is central and close to the station with a boulevard that connects the future train station with the airport and the future development areas. Skavsta's location and strong infrastructure mean great opportunities. 

All of the creative and innovative contributions can be seen here:

We see the competition entries as important inspiration for the development of a detailed plan and design for the area.

The winner is "Skavsta Forest City"

On December 4, 2023, the jury named "Skavsta Forest City" as the winner. "Skavsta Forest City" is a hybrid between forest and city where nature and the urban meet and merge into a living and sustainable mix of innovation, production, culture, tourism, restaurants and animal and outdoor life. 

Read more about the winner and the team behind the proposal on Europan's website.

Primarily, we will continue to dialogue with the winner, but also with the second and third prize winners, where we also see exciting solutions. The next step will be joint workshops to refine and deepen the material for future planning of the area.


Europan is an architectural and urban ideas competition bringing together European cities and young professionals under the age of 40. The competition spans over a two year period in which over 50 European cities and over 2000 teams are involved.

This years competition started March 27th 2023 and ended July 30th 2023. The winners were announced on December 4, 2023. Other Swedish municipalities that participates are: Piteå, Rimbo, Skellefteå and Växjö. Find out more at www.europan.se

Our projects

Visionsbild över Ostlänken, stationsläget och flygplatsen

East Link - with travel hub at Skavsta

The East Link is a new doubletrack railway between Järna and Linköping built by the Swedish Transport Administration. With a travel hub at Skavsta it will be easy to change between trains, planes and buses.

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